Jordan Gongora’s Central Il. Regional Poster Submission

Our very talented team member Jordan Gongora recently created an awesome submission for the Il Central Regional poster contest. The winner will be announced before or on Feb 15th.

In the Pekin/Peoria Illinois area, the top posters will be submitted to TV stations, magazines and newspapers, and for distribution on bulletin boards, billboards, yard signs, business and retail windows in central Illinois.

The top 5 posters will earn their Team:

— Coupons and discounts that can be used at the Regional during the competition.

— Interviews by local media as top Poster Contest winners.

— A display at the Dome as winner of the Poster Contest at the Regional.

— Special recognition announcements during the Regional as poster winners

— All posters the judges deem appropriate will be reproduced or emailed to be displayed in business windows all over central Illinois, the Teams’ home towns, and to newspapers, magazines and television stations.

1st Prize will win Team discounts at the Team Social, munchies for the Team on Friday of the event, special recognition before and during the Regional, and other goodies.

Wish her entry the best of luck!

robotics poster w siggy

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